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Continuing Professional Education (CPE)

Enhance Your Skills, Refresh Your Body and Work Your Mind

You can do all those things and more when you spend a day with Sari Mejia Santo, Juanita Lopez or Cynthia Lochard attending our Continuing Education program. Like any other profession, it’s imperative you keep your skills current and continuously network with your peers. That’s why Romana’s Pilates certified instructors complete at least one CPE seminar each year to maintain their instructor certification. Truth be told, many of our instructors attend two or more seminars a year. Now that’s commitment!


Romana’s Pilates currently maintains a wait list for CPE seminars. It is important to note that our wait list gives priority to instructors who are currently rated as a Level I, II, III, IV, V+ or V instructor by Romana’s Pilates. If you have not received an instructor skill rating from Romana’s Pilates and possess an interest in scheduling an initial assessment, please contact us directly.


Because we want to offer the most intense, personalized training, we limit the number of participants at each CPE seminar. In addition, enrollment is limited to individuals who have been previously certified AND cleared to participate by Romana's Pilates. Please note we reserve the right to formally verify your eligibility prior to confirming enrollment in any seminar. Be prepared to provide us a copy of your certificate and/or a photo ID for verification via fax or email. Such efforts are necessary to ensure that each participant possesses the appropriate level of independence, competency and ability before enrolling or attending a Romana's Pilates CPE seminar.

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