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"The Pilates Method teaches you to be in control of your body and not at its mercy..."
~ Joseph Pilates, The Creator of Pilates

Pilates exercises focus on finding the muscles of your powerhouse (core) and strengthening this area to support your spine. If you are consistent in taking practice, you will reap the benefits of better posture, a strong center, suppleness, a toned body and an improved sense of well being - not to mention how invigorated you will feel after working out!

Romana’s Pilates® instructors will build you a complete workout classically tailored to your needs and ability!  Improving your natural rhythm and coordination, getting you moving and feeling better.

Find a Studio, schedule a session ...
Enjoy a consistent, high-quality Pilates training experience from our exceptional studios and teachers available to work with you world-wide.
Become an Instructor ...

Offering you the highest quality instructor training program in the industry.  Using a structured, holistic approach every student must successfully pass performance assessments that cover all the key pieces of Pilates equipment!


  • Available in more than 15 countries

  • 40+ instructor training facilities worldwide

We develop instructors using techniques and knowledge that is as close to the original teaching as is available anywhere in the world. Our global network of deeply experienced and knowledgeable instructor trainers, training manuals, and accompanying workshops are considered to be some of the best resources in the Pilates industry.

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